What is the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP)

The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is a preparatory tool that can be used at the beginning or at critical points of a therapeutic process in order to help the client stay present and attuned to the healing journey. The SSP is a powerful, short term intervention based on sound-frequencies meant to expand the client’s “window of tolerance for transformation and integration.” It invites the “social engagement network” onboard. The client is then more able to access healing through co-regulation and connection. The SSP was developed by Dr. Steven Porges, the creator of the Polyvagal Theory of Social Engagement.

The SSP utilizes sound frequency (listening program) and it is a short-term modality used during the client’s intervention (only five days of listening, seven day total program). The SSP is meant to prime the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) in being more open to heal in relationship to the self, experience, therapist and another. It brings a state of calmness and grounding that is sustained when one is working with activating and traumatic content. Beyond the utilization of the SSP, we will introduce specific tracking tools for the reflection and meaning of the client’s experience. The adoption of the SEGAC (Sensation, Emotion, Gesture, Action, Concept) will allow for the therapist to help the client to actively participate in their personal journey in a multi-sensory and embodied way. In this program, with the support of the therapist, the client tracks implicitly first and then more explicitly at the last day, their arousal continuum in a calm and grounded way. They become an active observer of their condition in the present moment. This advanced workshop allows for you as an experienced trauma / relationships practitioner to understand and be able to introduce the SSP in your practice. This trauma-informed program provides a Neuroplatform of safety for the client’s process. It gives you, as the therapist, a profound insight into your client’s Portal to Transformation. This is truly a Mosaic of Healing.

Ana also works with the Focus Program, which is the use of Classical music and Gregorian chanting supported by bone conduction, as a follow-up home program to the SSP. The Focus Program is a very helpful tool to support continued resilience in the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The Focus Program was developed by Dr. Ron Minson. 


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