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Children who have difficulty digesting their external world often feel a lack of safety and trust in their environment. This can hinder a child’s ability to relate and access empathy, feel comfortable with transition, surrender into meal times and sleep, track internal body rhythms, and engage imagination in play. A child experiencing dysregulation may also have challenges with social connections in groups, focusing in school, and changing schedules and routines. We work to build resilience by guiding children to have a greater awareness of their own internal experience and how to connect with embodied self-regulation and resourcing.



We offer the ability to view your family situation through a new lens and better understand your family dynamic in order to make empowered shifts to parenting approaches. When parents are able to find a regulated state, it greatly impacts the ability for everyone to connect in harmonious and adaptive ways. We work with parents to model embodiment by connecting their emotions with sensation and creating a supportive language at home around feelings.

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Arriving into adolescence is a transitional time and calls for consistent support of a skilled and empathic guide to help defragment and normalize the experience. We offer a way for teens to feel held in their exploration of autonomy and relationship with self and others.

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When resistance, overwhelm and worry impact participation in daily activities, it’s important to develop strategies for self-awareness. Through somatic therapeutic interventions, we guide adults to slow down and develop routines that inspire a deeper connection with their life’s narrative and purpose. Each unique life path presents obstacles, and we guide individuals to navigate their journey with awareness and curiosity.

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If you are a special education teacher, a nurse, a physical or occupational therapist, a psychotherapist or a psychologist , a body or energy worker working with trauma, you can benefit from one of our trainings. Our trauma-informed trainings offer a trajectory with the utilization of multisensory tools to incorporate into your work. We offer a series of online consultations, webinars and courses that will provide you with the skills to address your clients needs in a multi-sensory and creative way.


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SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® Workshops

The SEGAN MODEL allows the client and therapist to develop a narrative that supports the essence of a felt sense-based intention that integrates the implicit memory, thereby guiding each individual to co-create their own Mosaic of Healing. When adopting the SEGAN MODEL (Sensation, Emotion, Gesture in colors, Action, and Narrative), your sessions are supported by artistic, creative activities and gestures that encourages expression, embodiment, coherence and empowerment. This model enlivens our awareness and understanding of life patterns. It supports the somatic "bottom-up" approach of creating the opportunity for subtle shifts in arousal, inviting imagination, inspiration and intuition, to strengthen our capacity to become present with ourselves and each other. This process is a Healing algorithm itself, that allows you and your client to access creativity by embodying the Twelve Human Senses and mobilize the client's Healing Pathway.

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Safe and Sound Protocol Groups For Adults

The Soma Healing Center offers live and virtual support for the Safe and Sound Protocol Program (SSP), adopting SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® Model (integration of the experience). The SSP is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory. It has been developed by Dr. Steven Porges, consisting of an auditory intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity while enhancing social engagement and resilience. SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® model, developed by Ana do Valle invites you to embody the listening process. By tracking your own experience, you will be able to get in touch with your intention, internal sensations (interoception), create stone mosaics and a personal mandala. You will participate in a series of expressive arts activities to restore your sense of presence, coherence and empowerment during this healing journey. After completing the SSP, you will be offered five integrative sessions to support your relationship with the Self and the Other.

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Somatic Experiencing Sessions

We are offering live and virtual Somatic Experiencing (SE) sessions for individuals who are seeking embodiment, grounding and resilience. SE Sessions are focused on increasing capacity for exploring awareness of internal states, orientation, titration and regulating activation in the system. Somatic therapy relieves emotional and bodily stress which has become trapped within the autonomic nervous system following a traumatic experience. Online sessions provide the opportunity to work from the privacy and familiarity of your own home. SE is a body-oriented approach to trauma treatment, developed by Dr. Peter Levine after more than 45 years of multidisciplinary study and clinical practice. Somatic therapy techniques transform traumatic shock, empowers the body’s innate healing abilities, and restores a sense of vibrance, intuition and inspiration to individuals.

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Parenting Coaching Sessions

Parenting Coaching for helping families understand sensory processing differences and how it impacts routines, family and social life. Sessions are focused on creating a sensory profile for the child and a Daily Sensory Routine for regulation. Together, the therapist and the family will create a sequence of sensorial experiences for the child in order to balance the nervous system and foster attunement. Parents will meet with the therapist weekly to receive concrete tools for home implementation and support / language on how to best create a relationship with their child. Areas usually covered are boundaries, relationship with impulse, transitions, bedtime routines, language of regulation, visual charts and supports for the child to learn how to track their own nervous system.

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Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Individual Sessions for Adults & Teens

When resistance, overwhelm and worry impact participation in daily activities, it’s important to develop strategies for self-awareness. Through somatic therapeutic interventions, we guide adults to slow down and develop routines that inspire a deeper connection with their life’s narrative and purpose. Each unique life path presents obstacles, and we guide individuals to navigate their journey with awareness and curiosity.


"Ana Do Valle’s work in Sensory Integration provides important tools to help stabilize and 'ground' children and adults with deep attachment and regulation problems. In this way she offers essential tools for Somatic Experiencing® therapists. Ana shares her rich knowledge and wisdom drawn from her thirty years background as an Occupational Therapist specializing in Sensory Integration. She empowers practitioners to do more effective therapy with some of their most challenging clients. Ana is both a gifted healer and an inspiring teacher, willing to share her knowledge and breadth of experience. I hope that you will avail yourself of her talents, her enthusiasm and her generosity of spirit."
Peter A Levine, PhD
"By incorporating the Safe and Sound Protocol within her innovative SEGAN treatment model, Ana Do Valle has created an efficient portal to stimulate and enhance the internal dialog between feelings and narrative. Through insightful and nuanced therapist-client interactions, the treatment model leads to a more optimal state of embodiment in which the client expresses more optimal autonomic, emotional, and behavioral regulation."
“I have worked with and shared patients with Ana for over 10 years. Ana provides a unique combination of skills in Occupational Therapy with the technique of Sensory Integration, and in trauma therapy with the technique of Somatic Experiencing. Along with a deep intuitive sense in the treatment of children, Ana has achieved amazing results in healing many deeply troubled children."
Robert Scaer, MD

SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® Workshop Testimonials

Client Testimonials

What Parents, Individuals, Families and Children have to say about the SEGAN Nature-Based Delivery of the Safe and Sound Protocol.


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