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SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® Synchronized SSP Remote Delivery Group – 9 total Sessions

March 6, 2023 - March 15, 2023

This event has been postponed

SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing® Synchronized SSP Remote Delivery Group-9 total Sessions

Seven 90 minute – Remote Group SSP SEGAN Sessions:
March 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, and 15 of 2023
6:00 pm to 7:30 pm Mountain Time

Two 60 minute – Remote Individual SEGAN Sessions:
February 27, 28 and March 16, 17 or 2023 (times TBD)

Investment:  $900 USD

This opportunity is available to a maximum of 6 participant practitioners that are SSP certified or in the process of becoming one.

Ana do Valle and Katharine Sawyer will be facilitating the SEGAN Remote SSP Delivery.

Your Investment Includes:

  • Seven ninety-minute group online sessions.
  • Two sixty-minute private one-on-one interviews.  One before and one after the group experience.  An individualized Sensory Routine will be created for each participant in order to support regulation, stabilization and resource the process.
  • The first interview is to set an individual’s intention.  The second interview is to review the meaning actualized during the process and integrate the experience.
    • Meetings will be scheduled after participants have registered.
    • Pre-Intention Setting Interviews: February 27th and 28th.
    • Post-Integration Interviews:  March 20th and 21st.

What You Will Learn:

  • The components of the SEGAN (Sensations, Emotions, Gestures, Action, and Narrative) that encompass the tracking system used for the remote delivery of the SSP.
  • The algorithm of the SEGAN (Seeking Awareness by Embracing the Awakening of a Vision) as it relates to the algorithm of the SSP.
  • How to create a sensory routine to support you and your client’s Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) regulation during the SEGAN/SSP program.
  • How to utilize movement/proprioception, sculpting, painting, color gesture, Eurythmy, poetry, and fairytales of the SEGAN The Sensory Mosaic of Healing®.
  • To describe and correlate the hours of the SSP as it relates to the Somatic Experiencing Model.

Supplies List:

Here is the YouTube video on how to create your own copper pipe “wand” for the group:  https://youtu.be/k3gtxUQ7F6o

  • Four copper rods approximately 76 cm (29.9 inches) length and 1.3 cm (0.5 inches) diameter
    • 4 caps (0.5 inches) which will be used to hold in the sand inside the copper rods.  Can be purchased at Home Depot.
    • Play Sand to fill copper rods.  Can be purchased at Home Depot or Amazon.

Ana do Valle Ana is a licensed and registered mental health occupational therapist who has been working and practicing in the field of trauma and self-coregulation for the past 38 years.  She has been teaching the SEGAN model since 2017 in the US, Norway, and Israel.

She has been a featured guest speaker at the Pre-Conference at the International Trauma Conference sponsored by Bessel Van der kolk in Boston in 2019. She also has also presented the SEGAN model at the International Safe and Sound Protocol gathering in Atlantic Beach, Florida in 2019.

In addition, Ana is an approved Somatic Experiencing Practitioner Consultant for all levels of students undergoing the three-year graduate SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practitioner) training.  She is a Member of the Clinical Advisory Team (CAT) for Unyte, providing quarterly webinars to all practitioners utilizing the Focus System and the SSP, also supporting general program development.

Ana is a graduate of the 3-Year Program offered through the Anthroposophic Psychology training in 2016.  And, is certified in Sensory Integration.

For the past three decades Ana has been working with the First Nation in the US, Alaska, and Brazil on the subject of early childhood education, trauma prevention, and healing. This collaboration is on addressing emotional and behavioral dysregulation, addictions, wounds of attachment, and trauma fragmentation.

She holds a private practice, Soma Healing Center in Boulder CO, running an anthroposophical inspired trauma recovery clinic applying Somatic Experiencing, Brain Spotting and Sensory Integration techniques.

Ana works with children, adults, couples and families implementing the SEGAN model with the Safe and Sound Protocol.

Katharine Sawyer Katharine is a professional ontological life coach & multi-modality healer. Internationally, she has worked with individuals and communities through transformational change, healing, and growth.

As a co-founder and executive director of a 501c3, international speaker, and private practice owner, she is dedicated to igniting great hearts and minds to envision and actualize new potential and pathways forward.

She draws upon her background in ontological coaching (similar to consciousness or mindfulness-based approach to coaching), Usui/Holy Fire Reiki energy healing, spiritual healing, creative expression & journey work, healing interiors, ceremonial spaces, PRATI KAP ketamine therapy integration, the safe and sound protocol and all the peoples and cultures she has been blessed to work with.

Katharine specializes in facilitating experiences that support deep grounding and alignment within oneself so that greater awareness, insight, and guidance can be realized. In a constant evolution of change and growth, learning to self/co-regulate is key to successfully navigating whatever arises.


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