Keri Shee

Position: MA, OTR, TCTSY-F

Keri is an occupational therapist and yoga instructor focused on guiding individuals and families to integrate and process transition or traumatic experiences, increase self-awareness, promote nervous system regulation, identify and apply resources, and design custom rituals for initiation and culmination of a journey.  Using the philosophy and practice of yoga asana, chanting, and pranayama and applying a sensory processing lens to her practice, Keri believes in relationship-driven therapy and values customizing therapeutic approaches based on clients’ physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual intentions or goals.  Keri uses movement, sound, breath, and meditation as a path to embodiment and connection with higher self.


Keri began her journey as an occupational therapist in 2003 in Baltimore, MD at Johns Hopkins Hospital and later worked in Baltimore public schools.  In 2009, Keri earned a Master’s degree in Secondary Education and shifted into the role of a classroom teacher.  She went on to be the founder of two local organizations, Bolder Writers, LLC and Spark Youth Yoga, LLC.  In 2017, Keri underwent a 6-month fellowship with Ana do Valle, OTR, SEP, Anthroposophical Counselor and received training in Stephen Porges’s Safe and Sound Protocol, iLs Focus Program and HeartMath. In addition, Keri has studied yoga across the world with Janet Stone Yoga.  In 2020, Keri earned a Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator (TCTSY-F) certification from The Center for Trauma and Embodiment at JRI.


Keri’s prior experience as a middle school teacher and creative writing instructor influence her therapeutic approach enabling her to build a natural rapport with her clients.  Her warm, open presence creates a sense of safety for clients as she holds space for their unique journey.


Keri’s practice is rooted in the belief that challenge and trauma offer the most potent opportunities for growth.  As a member of the Soma Healing Center therapeutic team, she is a teaching assistant for the Mosaic of Healing workshop, provides online and group supervision to SSP practitioners and mentors professionals integrating the SEGAN model into their practice.  Keri also offers school and home visits, family yoga sessions, and facilitates a therapeutic summer camp for children focused on resourcing through art, music, movement and nature.  Both tender- and wild-hearted, Keri is a mama of two, a lover of nature and travel, an LGBTQIA+ activist, and a writer.

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