Katharine Sawyer

Katharine is a professional ontological life coach & multi-modality healer. Internationally, she has worked with individuals and communities through transformational change, healing, and growth.

As a co-founder and executive director of a 501c3, international speaker, and private practice owner, she is dedicated to igniting great hearts and minds to envision and actualize new potential and pathways forward.

She draws upon her background in ontological coaching (similar to consciousness or mindfulness-based approach to coaching), Usui/Holy Fire Reiki energy healing, spiritual healing, creative expression & journey work, healing interiors, ceremonial spaces, PRATI KAP ketamine therapy integration, the safe and sound protocol and all the peoples and cultures she has been blessed to work with.

Katharine specializes in facilitating experiences that support deep grounding and alignment within oneself so that greater awareness, insight, and guidance can be realized. In a constant evolution of change and growth, learning to self/co-regulate is key to successfully navigating whatever arises.

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